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Using the money from dead authors to fund new authors of colour.

For young people, it is important to relate to the stories you read. But when 86% of the GCSE texts are written by white authors, it’s hard for young people of colour to do so. By using the money from authors that are no longer alive to profit, Penguin can fund upcoming authors of colour to get their books into the hands of young people. So that the texts they read inside the classroom, will fund the books that will inspire them to read outside of the classroom.

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GCSE texts will feature the written in colour seal, showing young people that their books are funding change. Books by authors of colour will also carry the seal.

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Dedications will appear inside the GCSE texts, thanking students for making everyone's story heard. 

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Print will speak directly to students of colour, informing them that a new generation of literature is available, reflecting their stories and experiences. 

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On Penguin's website, users can learn more about the authors and publishers behind the Written in Colour stories.

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