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Brief - Antidote London asked us to increase brand awareness for Pentire Adrift, a non-alcoholic spirit by Pentire.


Pentire Adrift doesn't currently have a clear story, a defining purpose or a unique reason for people to buy it over its competitors. 



When things have rich history, people become invested in the story and the people behind the product.



Focus on a warm story of extreme hobbyist communities coming together with craftsmen, sharing their skills to create the magic of Pentire;


The campaign begins with the story of how the product was first born: in a chance meeting between communities on the Pentire headland.

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The storytelling of joining people on the Pentire headland is just the start. We want to make Pentire the facilitator of other groups of craftsmen and hobbyists coming together. So, we created THE PENTHOUSE, a platform that brings together communities that would never cross paths, allowing them to create their own joint magic.


10% of each bottle’s profits will go to The Penthouse fund, which will be used to pair two groups together so they can solve a problem and create a product that uses their skills together, in a new way. 

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People will learn about THE PENTHOUSE on the bottle and feel ownership of the brand because they are directly funding this bringing together of people. 

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THE PENTHOUSE website allows people to purchase goods made by Penthouse members as well as letting them learn the story behind each product and the two communities that came together to make it. 

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Instagram will allow people to read further into the stories of communities connected by Pentire through THE PENTHOUSE. Just like the story above, where a group of weavers are brought together with a surfing group to create a handbag out of ocean plastics. 

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