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Ask young queer womxn what they need from sex education. 

Answering a D&AD New Blood brief for Teen Vogue, they asked us to discuss the orgasm gap between male and female pleasure, by creating branded content. The orgasm gap focuses on how womxn have less sexual pleasure than men. But it still discusses female sex within the heterosexual space. Over half of queer womxn have an STI, and are among the most poorly sexually-educated people. Using branded content, we need to teach queer womxn about sexual wellness and pleasure to keep them sexually happy and healthy.


Wood pencil winner

At the core of the campaign is content. We'll use youtube videos and accompanying articles on Teen Vogue that will allow users to ask questions. 

article example.jpg

We'll tell people about this content through Instagram ads and stories. We'll also use TikTok, starting a  trend that allows users to tell people why they #giveadam.

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