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Young people are disillusioned from politics because the noise that surrounds it is alienating. Let’s remove the politics from politics and go policy-first.

The B.A.N will launch one week before the general election with this morning broadcast across all news channels. 

This message from B.A.N will appear at the top of everyone's newsfeeds. Social media channels are part of B.A.N too, so they have the power to share this message with everyone. 


Every party will be assigned a new name and no-one outside of ban will know which party is which 


All news stories will be censored, and when clicked will lead people to the B.A.N. website 

The website is a hub for all things political, where you can get clear information on each party and register to vote.

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Print ads will allow people to learn about the policies alone.

All political debates will be censored too.


At the end of the week, people will find out which party they have been supporting, but only if they have registered to vote. Our desired result  would be to see a tory voter support the triangle party all week, only to find out its the Green party. It's to question, why do we vote for who we vote for, and how does the media play a role in this. 


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