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Providing moody millennials with the perfect place to holiday- away from the Brits Abroad cliché.

Holiday ads always show the smiley, sunny, beachy clichés of a destination. But Scotland doesn't match those clichés. So we made Visit Scotland show off a different cliché that matches it best, the moody millennial.


ITV2s Ibiza Weekender gets a remix with Scotlands' own Highlander Weekender. Imagine Frankie Boyle humour, moody millennials and stormy skys. The tv show will follow a group of young British staycationers as they head north to the Scottish Highlands on their first parent-free holiday. 

package holiday.jpg

The cliché 18-30 package holiday to Ibiza is replaced by a moodier visit to Scotland, replicating the holiday experience from the tv show.

As the go to place for holiday inspiration, Instagram is the perfect place for ads for the campaign. 

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